Ways of communicating within your organization!

Communication is a key ingredient in any Employee Engagement initiative or any aspect of having a productive workforce. Listed below are different ways and means we can communicate within our organization.

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  1. Organizational announcements: We should send regularly organizational announcements on new joinees, people existing the company, job rotations, transfers, promotions, organizational structural changes, organization updates and highlights.
  2. Notice boards: Make posters of any major communication to employee. Make the communication posters attractive and simple to understand.
  3. Company employee magazine: Many organizations circulate employee centric magazines on a monthly/ bi monthly/ quarterly basis to communicate key highlights for the period and other organizational structural changes which happened during the period.
  4. Company intranet: Many organizations have a very lively intranet which can be accessed only by employees of the company. The intranet is a communication platform which contains policies, employee corner, organizational announcements, organizational structural changes, organization level initiatives, fun activities, training modules etc…
  5. Townhalls: Is a communication platform in which leadership interacts with all employees and communicates key highlights, have a question answer session with the employees and even a fun activity with the teams.

Kindly share your tips and ideas of how to communicate better within an organization. Happy reading and sharing!

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